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This is the second mixtape that Glenys made me.

It’s full of french music!

1 July 2012 ♥ 2 notes           Reblog    

This is a mixtape that Glenys gave me a long time ago.

I’m really upset that it got a little smudgy.

29 June 2012 ♥ 1 note           Reblog    
SaRAH’s Mix

This is one of the greatest mixes ever. Not that the songs are the best songs ever, but together they’re just all awesome. Woo!

1 PAT BENATAR - Heartbreaker - In the Heat of the Night

2 BLOODHOUND GANG - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Hefty Fine

3 THE KINKS - Sunny Afternoon - Face to Face

4 AMERICA - A Horse with No Name - America

5 LED ZEPPELIN - When the Levee Breaks - Zeppelin IV

6 GOTYE - Smoke and Mirrors - Making Mirrors

7 AWOLNATION - Not Your Fault - Megalithic Symphony

8 KARKWA - Le Bon Sens - Le Chemins De Verre

9 THE GROMBLE - Desole

10 M83 - Midnight City - Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

11 BLOC PARTY - Blue Light - Silent Alarm

12 BIG BANG - Blue - Alive

13 EMILY HAINES AND THE SOFT SKELETON - Nothing & Nowhere - Knives Don’t Have Your Back

5 June 2012           Reblog    
Ellen’s Birthday

I can’t think of any good ideas for mixtapes for all of you guys, so I’m going to cheat a little and put up tapes that I’ve made for other people because they’re still awesome. I’m starting with someone who I know doesn’t have a tumblr and will not see this so that I feel a little bit better about this atrocious business of exploiting personal matters. I’m blowing this way out of proportion…. Here it is!

1 THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM - Great Expectations - The ‘59 Sound

2 GORILLAZ (feat. DALEY) - Doncamatic - Doncamatic (Single)

3 THE HUSH SOUND - Molasses - Goodbye Blues

4 LISA MITCHELL - Coin Laundry - Wonder

5 METRIC - Sick Muse - Fantasies

6 TEGAN & SARA - Don’t Rush - Sainthood

7 PETER BJORN AND JOHN - Young Folks - Writer’s Block

8 THE POSTAL SERVICE - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - Give Up

9 SHE & HIM - In the Sun - Volume Two

10 THE BLACK KEYS - Next Girl - Brothers

11 THE FRATELLIS - Chelsea Dagger - Costello Music

12 HARVEY DANGER - Flagpole Sitta - Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?

13 THE NATIONAL - Fake Empire - Boxer

I don’t really have much to say about this one, it’s just kind of a fun mix that I made with a variety of different bands and artists. Ellen (who this tape was for) really liked it, but said that a few of the songs were « a bit…. eclectic » :D

A Million Times Better

This is a really short musicy-listy thing that I made tonight while I was feeling kind of sad and wanted something good to listen to. It’s only eight songs, but that’s okay because it’s eight really good songs that go really well together.

1 ADELE - Daydreamer - 19


3 REGINA SPEKTOR - Samson - Begin to Hope

4 DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - Talking Bird - Narrow Stairs

5 THE NATIONAL - Conversation 16 - High Violet

6 THE NATIONAL - Slow Show - Boxer

7 MUMFORD & SONS - Thistle & Weeds - Sigh No More

8 DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - Transatlanticism - Transatlanticism

I was going to change the spacing so that the songs and whatever were closer together, but I kind of like it how it is now.  I hope that if anyone actually reads this that they like it as much as I do, especially right now.