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❝ Shake your head; it’s empty. ❞

— Emily Haines, Empty (2005)

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Metric - Live it Out

Ellen’s Birthday

I can’t think of any good ideas for mixtapes for all of you guys, so I’m going to cheat a little and put up tapes that I’ve made for other people because they’re still awesome. I’m starting with someone who I know doesn’t have a tumblr and will not see this so that I feel a little bit better about this atrocious business of exploiting personal matters. I’m blowing this way out of proportion…. Here it is!

1 THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM - Great Expectations - The ‘59 Sound

2 GORILLAZ (feat. DALEY) - Doncamatic - Doncamatic (Single)

3 THE HUSH SOUND - Molasses - Goodbye Blues

4 LISA MITCHELL - Coin Laundry - Wonder

5 METRIC - Sick Muse - Fantasies

6 TEGAN & SARA - Don’t Rush - Sainthood

7 PETER BJORN AND JOHN - Young Folks - Writer’s Block

8 THE POSTAL SERVICE - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - Give Up

9 SHE & HIM - In the Sun - Volume Two

10 THE BLACK KEYS - Next Girl - Brothers

11 THE FRATELLIS - Chelsea Dagger - Costello Music

12 HARVEY DANGER - Flagpole Sitta - Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?

13 THE NATIONAL - Fake Empire - Boxer

I don’t really have much to say about this one, it’s just kind of a fun mix that I made with a variety of different bands and artists. Ellen (who this tape was for) really liked it, but said that a few of the songs were « a bit…. eclectic » :D

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Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to keep uploading things….

I just watched this movie (if you couldn’t tell, this is certainly NOT the Metric version) for the millionth (second) time, and this is in lieu of me uploading the entire soundtrack. Also, ugh I just typed that but I have nothing else to type and the delete bar is SO FAR AWAY…..