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Jason Collett - King James Rag

I got this song from one of those free download cards at Starbucks a while back and now I can’t stop listening to it.

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Big Bang - Feeling

음악은 이대로
춤추며 크게 노래 부르며
Don’t stop this Feeling
이보다 더 좋을 수는 없는걸

This is Moon King, the band that opened first for Two Door Cinema Club on October 5th at the Sound Acadamy. They were so freaking awesome I just can’t even handle it. Karice and I got a chance to speak to them after the show (they were the most amazing people) and we ended up buying their record, Obsession I. I’m actually so happy that I found out about these guys, because they’re seriously so good. Hop on the One Big Silence website to check them out and perhaps buy their fabulous record…. *wink*

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Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

Some friends that I met up with at pride!

Some friends that I met up with at pride!

9 July 2012           Reblog    High-Res
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Marina and the Diamonds - Power & Control